Terms and conditions


While every effort is made to deliver and fit to the customer’s satisfaction, delivery promises are approximate only, and failure to deliver on the
stated date at a specific time shall not render us liable for damages, lost time, or any other consequential loss. As soon as carpets are available
we will contact the customer to arrange the earliest convenient date for sub-contract fitting.

Absolutely Fabulous Flooring cannot accept any responsibility for difficulties arising from incorrect measurements given by customers

It is the customer’s responsibility to notify Absolutely Fabulous Flooring in writing of the location of any pipes or cables which might be damaged
during fitting. No responsibility can be accepted for damage to under floor pipes or cables or for consequential damage to property or fitting
unless written notification has been given as stated above.

While every effort is made to ensure satisfaction exact colour/design matching cannot be guaranteed between widths of carpet due to
manufacturing tolerances over which we have no control. Neither can exact matching be guaranteed between carpet supplied and the sample
displayed in the store.

Plain carpet is subject to shading with use, due to pile pressure. It is not a manufacturing fault and does not affect the durability of the carpet.

It is suggested that suction type cleaners only be used on this type of carpet.

To facilitate speedy and efficient fitting, rooms to be fitted must be cleared of furniture, effects and old carpet prior to the fitter’s arrival. The cost
of such clearance is not included in our quotation.

It is assumed that when work commences the sub-floor is sound, level and in a smooth condition. The estimate overleaf does not include any sub-floor preparation unless specifically stated. The company will do its best to advise you of any extra preparation that will be needed but, should additional costs arise once work has commenced, the company will not be liable for any additional cost arising from this.

A minimum of 14 days notice is required for delivery and fitting of carpets held in storage awaiting customer’s instructions. Free storage
facilities are available for THREE months only thereafter a monthly charge will be made.

Absolutely Fabulous Flooring prices DO NOT include easing of doors. We can assist in arranging for a carpenter if required.

a) In cases where delivery is affected other than at the Company’s premises in circumstances where delivery is undertaken by the
company, the company will replace free of charge goods damaged in transit provided written notice thereof is given to the Company
and (if applicable, to the carrier involved) within 3 days notice of receipt of the goods.
b) In cases where delivery is effected other than at the Company’s premises in circumstances where delivery is undertaken by the
Company, the Company will replace free of charge goods lost in transit provided in written notice thereof is given to the Company
and (if applicable, to the carrier involved) within 7 days of receipt by the customer of the invoice(s) to which the lost goods relate(s.)
c) Without prejudice to any other rights of the parties inter se in respect of the defective or allegedly defective goods the Company shall
not be liable for any defects in the quality or state of the goods which should have been apparent at a reasonable examination of the
same or in respect of such goods being otherwise not in accordance with any contract of supplies unless the customer shall have
given to the Company within 7 days after receipt of the goods a written notice specifying the matters complained of and shall
thereafter afford the Company a reasonable and prompt opportunity of inspecting the goods.

Good supplied to a customer shall be at the customer’s risk from the moment delivery to or from the moment of tender of the goods provided
also that where goods are to be collected by the customer risk in respect of uncollected goods shall pass to the customer 7 days after receipt of
the Company’s written notice that the goods are ready for delivery or collected.

Unless otherwise agreed by us in WRITING, balance of accounts (other than hire purchase) are payable on delivery. Terms of payment are
that the price of the goods is payable on delivery/fitting unless otherwise stated. If such terms varied, the variation will be confirmed at the foot
of the relevant invoice. The buyer will be responsible for all costs and expenses incurred by Absolutely Fabulous Flooring in the collection of
any debt due to delayed or non payment of account and interest is payable to the company on all overdue monies calculated on a daily basis
from the date of due payment to the date of the actual payment at 6% over Bank of England base rate. We understand and will exercise our
statutory right to interest under the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (interest) Act 1998 if we are not paid according to agreed credit terms.
No customer may withhold payment of any invoice or other amount due to us by reason of any right of set off or counter claim, which you may
have, or allege to have.

a) The ownership of goods delivered by the Company shall only be transferred to the customer when the customer has paid all sums
owing to the Company on any account whatsoever. Prior to such payment the Company retains ownership of the goods.
b) For so long as the customer remains in default of any payment for which he is liable to the Company on any account whatsoever the
Company, shall be entitled to suspend all further deliveries to the customer of goods of whatsoever nature and, at the option of the
Company, to rescind the contract in question or any other contract between the parties without prejudice to the Company’s right to full
compensation and the right to repossess the goods immediately pursuant to the aforementioned provision.
c) If the customer defaults in payment, the Company shall be entitled to enter the customer’s premises or other place at which the
goods are stored, used or laid, with such transport as may be necessary, and repossess the goods which the Company has title
hereunder and license for entry as aforesaid is hereby given to the customer of the company.

It is assumed that upon accepting this estimate you have read the terms and conditions of sale. Any concerns in regards to the terms and conditions must be brought to the companies attention before commencement of work.

All goods must be inspected by customer at time of delivery. No responsibility can be accepted afterwards.

Amended Feb 2016

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