Preparing for your fitter

So you have chosen your flooring, the materials have been paid for, and you have booked your fitting date.

Now what?

There are a few things that you need to do before our flooring fitters arrive
1 – Clear all breakable or precious items
Flooring fitters generally will be as careful a physically possible in regards to your home, however accidents do happen. If you remove all breakables from the area you eliminate the possibility of any damage.
2 – Remove all furniture from the room
Even the best fitters in the world cannot fit under furniture, this can be arranged with us to move furniture however due to the time involved this would be charged for. Do not expect fitters to move your furniture unless it has been specifically spoken about with the store.
3 – Uplift the old flooring and underlay (leaving gripper in place unless specified)
All old flooring should be removed from the area, once again we can remove out flooring and take it away but these would be charged for. For ease cut your flooring into strips with a Stanley knife and bag to take to a local refuse centre.
4 – Make sure children/pets won’t get in the flooring fitters way
They always say don’t work with children or animals, in this case a flooring fitter generally has dangerous tools, for the safety of them it is better that they have no access to the work area or any access area’s that the fitters would need to use.
5 – Do Not make plans for that day
Fitting flooring like many things isn’t black and white until the fitters arrive on site, some jobs that should be simple can sometimes be more difficult. This means it is difficult to give exact times for the fitters to arrive, if you require more accurate times please ask in store for the fitter to call you when they are on the way.


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