Prep work for LVT Flooring

Prep work for LVT flooring is the most important factor for the correct application of LVT flooring, without the correct preparation the flooring can be uneven and will invalidate the warranties of most LVT floors.

prep work

Lots of kitchen floors were tiled, this means that you are unable to put any flooring over the tiled floor as the flooring with mold to the shape of the tiles. This would be fine if your flooring was the exact shape of the tiles you were taking up……chances of this are pretty much nil. Luckily we have other options available, even with tiles you can put a smoothing compound over the tiles between 3-5mm. The other issue that can happen is that damp can be present within the flooring meaning that any smoothing compound or tiles that are put down could fail, our estimator will come round and test the damp in the floor at the point of measure. Once tested we can give you professional advice on whether you require further preparation before the fitting of your new floor, if damp is an issue in regards to your new floor we can supply and lay a damp proof membrane.


Once any damp is checked and dealt with appropriately a smoothing compound will be applied, a common misconception is that this is a leveling screed however this just a smoothprep working compound it is used to provide a smooth surface for your flooring to go on. Once applied this can generally be walked on within 4-5 hours, however the longer you can leave this the better, though we understand that you generally need to use these areas so provide those guide lines. Once this is applied you have the starting point for your LVT floor, it is important at this stage to look for imperfections and deal with appropriately to make sure that the finish of the floor with be as smooth as possible.


prep workCorrect sub floor preparation will  always provide a better finish for your LVT floor, and with LVT you have so many options for the finish to the floor it is important to get it right the first time. If you have any questions in regards to having an LVT floor fitted please contact us and we can talk through any requirements. Also we provide a free estimation service to look at your flooring requirements, this means that we can correctly price for the job with the required prep work.


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