Polyflor-Mountain -Alder-4401-c.jpgLuxury Vinyl Tiles (commonly known as LVT s) are the flooring of the moment. LVT s are vinyl based tiles that retain the benefits of floorings like ceramic tiles and laminate floors but without the their respective drawbacks. LVT s are incredibly tough, safe and also incredibly pleasing on the eye.

Karndean the industry leader, has steadily built up a range of dozens of designs, each design having it’s own unique character. Many of our customers comment that it’s difficult to tell Karndean and the real thing apart!

Recently the LVT market has started to intensify with other respected flooring manufacturers joining the fray to contribute their credentials. Each of the companies below stands out for having an established diverse catalog, competitive pricing or an exciting innovation of the LVT concept. Why not take advantage of our free planning and estimating service for a no obligation quote.

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