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Here at Absolutely Fabulous flooring we provide a great range of flooring, with so many choices on the market it is difficult to decide on what type of laminate flooring is the right one for your home. The important factor is the AC Rating which is on all laminate floors, here at Absolutely Fabulous flooring we only supply AC4 Rated flooring which is laminate rated for commercial use. The reason we only provide this rating of flooring is for the fact that anything below this rating in our opinion will not provide the correct durability for your every day usage, below is a write up on the AC ratings and what they mean.

  • AC1 – laminate flooring is designed for residential areas with light traffic. Great for bedrooms.
  • AC2 – laminate flooring can withstand more traffic than AC1. Suitable for living rooms and dining rooms.
  • AC3 – laminate flooring can withstand any type of heavy residential traffic, such as hallways and may also be used in a professional setting with light traffic.
  • AC4 – laminate flooring is designed for commercial applications with moderately intense traffic. Ideal for small shops and offices.
  • AC5 – laminate flooring is designed for high-traffic commercial areas like department stores, shopping centres, and office buildings. It has a rough finish that can withstand the most abuse.

So before you purchase your laminate floor don’t forget to check the AC rating on the laminate, we have found AC4 is perfect for residential projects and give you the best flooring for a reasonable price.

Current Suppliers we deal with include Balterio, Sensa Flooring, Quick Step and EEGER.

Balterio Laminate Flooring

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