Laminate & Wood Flooring

Laminate Flooring


Laminate flooring is one of the great DIY solutions to come about in the last couple of decades sadly leading to inferior laminates saturating the market.

We pride ourselves in only dealing with the highest quality manufacturers. Most of our laminates carry a 20 year guarantee, many suitable for commercial use too.

All of our laminate flooring come with at least an AC4 Rating. AC ratings rate the floors abrasion resistance on a scale of 1-5. Low-end laminates mostly fall below AC4, while the best commercial laminates carry an AC5 rating.

Engineered Wood Flooring

In the past decade many products have sprung up to imitate wood flooring. Many of these new competitors look fantastic and bring something new to the table. This doesn’t change the fact that wood makes an ideal floorcovering, while it’s natural beauty simply cannot be ignored.

Engineered wood flooring has a solid wood top layer, usually 3-6mm thick. The back of the board is then reinforced with layers of plywood to add dimensional strength and stability. This is particularly beneficial in kitchens & bathrooms where there is more moisture. All of our wood flooring comes from environmentally friendly sources and passed through rigorous quality assurance.

natural solutions wood flooring






Natural Solutions Engineered wood floor fitted March 2016 by our experienced fitter

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