Flooring Trends 2017

So a new year is beginning and many manufacturers are looking at the flooring trends for the next year, with our ranges covering many of these aspects of new trends we through we should give you an idea of what to look out for in 2017.

flooring trendsSuper soft fibre carpets such as the isense range made massive waves in 2016 and are showing no sign of slowing down, twists with that comfort under foot and a super soft feel but still with the clean ability. New technology also is producing carpet with incredibly soft fibers, also they have great wear and has long guarantees showing manufacturers have incredible confidence. Some of these ranges have up to 20 year guarantees, here at absolutely fabulous flooring we have a range of isense in stock to take away today.


flooring trends

Hard Flooring
Whether you are looking at wood, laminate or LVT they all seem to be following a certain number of trends in the coming year. The first was spoken about by the Hardwood Floors Magazine which said “For 2017, we don’t see any slowdown of the current preferences for wide plank in gray tones with extremely low-sheen finishes.” – Kim Wahlgren, Hardwood Floors Mag, Editor. This has come across from lots of manufacturers particularly in the Laminate and LVT Markets, the other big flooring trends that are making massive waves are the reclaimed wood look. In Karndean Da Vinci and Van gogh they have come out with range of planks in reclaimed wood, this gives our customers the opportunity to get the reclaimed wood look on their floor but with the durability of Vinyl tiles.




Mixed Width and length Floors

flooring trendsAnother big trend that has recently is mixed width hard floors, this gives a much more interesting look to your floor. This is being made available in engineered wood and now in the LVT market. We believe this will continue to grow in popularity as it takes away from more traditional flooring, it also gives your floor a unique look which would be difficult to repeat in any home.



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