Creative Ways To Repurpose Your Carpet Scrap’s

Repurpose your carpet scraps

Whenever you have a carpet fitted it is an inevitability that you will have carpet scrap’s left over, as in our experience it is rare to have all your walls straight. However, don’t go straight to the bin with all of the waste! we have put together a list of creative ways to use repurpose your carpet scraps.

  1. Make a door mat

You have just replaced your hall, stairs and landing carpet don’t let the kids wreck it. Why not get a left over from the carpet whipped so that you can make a handy door mat, Protect the new carpet without changing the overall look of the flooring.


  1. Protect Hard floors from Scratches

Small pieces of carpet attached to the feet of furniture can protect hard floors from damage, but with no cost involved.


  1. Moving Furniture

A piece of carpet under the legs of heavy furniture can make moving it easier, whilst protecting the floor underneath.


  1. Scratch post

Don’t let your new carpet or furniture be damaged by your furry friend, using a board add some carpet scraps to make a cat scratching post.


  1. Car Mats

Protect the floor of your car using scraps of carpets bound to make car mats, low cost and protective.

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