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When buying flooring from us, you may want to make use of our fitting service. We have several expert teams of fitters, specialising in the many types of flooring available. No job is too big or too small as we want all our customers to be 100% satisfied with their new floor.

If you would like to us to provide fitting we will need to visit beforehand to measure up and provide you with a quote. This is so we can provide you with the highest quality of service possible. Our measure service is free of charge and enables us to make sure we supply everything you need on the day of fitting without any last minute surprises.

We only use fitters that work to the highest standard. All fitting jobs carry a 12 month guarantee from the fitter, in addition to your product guarantee from the manufacturer. Some manufacturers only guarantee their products when professionally fitted. When you use our fitting service you’ll know everything’s tied up nicely.

Preparing For Your Fitting

If you are having a floor fitted by us there are a few things you’ll need to do before the fitters arrive:

Clear all breakable or precious items

Naturally, our fitters will be as careful as possible at all times while attending. You can never be too careful though, especially if it’s a large roll of carpet being carried through your house. Please remove anything you think could be damaged.

Remove all furniture from the room

By getting the furniture out of the way, our fitters can get straight to work. We’d appreciate it if you could get the rooms clear before the fitters arrive. However, if this isn’t possible please speak to the estimator during his visit. He can take a look at what’s involved and provide an additional price for the fitters to do so.

Uplift the old flooring and underlay (leaving gripper in place unless specified)

Please clear the areas being fitted of any existing flooring, underlays, debris etc. This being said, the gripper along the skirting is generally re-usable. Please leave this down unless we have priced to replace it. Carpets can be quite portable when shredded with a stanley knife and taken to the tip . Again, we can provide this service for you at an additional cost. Please let the estimator know when he measures.

 Keep children/pets away from the fitters

This seems obvious enough but needs mentioning all the same. The fitters carry and use sharp tools and can’t hear behind them when they’re hammering away etc. Please keep your children and pets out of the work area to avoid any accidents.

Be wary of making additional plans that day

We know that life can be hectic but please be aware that the times we give for fitting can only be approximate. We try and space fitting work apart so the fitters have plenty of time for attention to detail. Sometimes things take longer than expected or something crops up. Try not to make arrangements to be elsewhere during the morning or afternoon of your fitting. A rush job is not the best job and we wan’t everyone to have the best.



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